Are you going through a painful time in your life right now?

Perhaps you are faced with a separation, a divorce, or huge and unexpected change in your life…?


maybe you simply feel lost, a little depressed, and not in flow with life?

If any of those statements ring true for you, then My Road to Me should be at the top of your reading list! The new, Truth-filled personal development book will help you to see your life for what it really is: magnificent! Not only that, but you’ll also take a journey to healing and happiness, along with the author, Harriet Nilsson, as she tells her own turbulent story of divorce, emotional turmoil, and ultimately, complete transformation.

From the author,

Harriet Nilsson

“ It became bluntly evident when I went through this painful phase in my life that all of us go through similar experiences, in one way or the other. The pain we feel and the thoughts that run through our heads are very much the same, even though they show up in different shapes and forms. I wrote this book because I feel that lot of women will recognize themselves in it and by sharing my story it will give them hope, strength, and the courage to find their inner Truth and beauty. The pain I went through on my own journey triggered my spiritual path and gave me not only a much stronger foundation, but I also found true joy and love for life.”

"I invite you to purchase a copy of My road to Me, and to remember how truly beautiful and amazing you are."

Lots of love

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About the Book

(NB: Harriet changed the names of the key characters in order to protect identities)

Sara is tired – immensely tired of trying to be understood and tired of defending herself against her partner, Ben, who constantly accuses her of not loving him. She can’t do it anymore. She finally says it; she tells him what he’s been accusing her of telling him for as long as they have been together. She tells him that she wants to split up.

She knows it’s the right thing for them to do…until the day when the threat of losing their daughter has her seeing things from a different perspective. At that point it’s crystal clear that she’ll never let go of him − she’ll never let go of her family. However, even though she persuades Ben to move back home, his heart is sealed away from hers. Instead she has to face up to the fact that he now is having an affair with his secretary, Sheila. The affair evolves and Ben leaves Sara. His balls are now stuck in Sheila’s iron grip and her jealous and possessive character rules the game. Sara feels like a rubber band, which is being stretched to fit everyone else. She falls into a depression and the emotional trauma awakens a disturbing event from the past – an incident that has remained an unsolved mystery for far too long. Ben, for his part, is unable to sever the link with Sara and this uncut cord suffocates her. With everything in her life escalating, it finally drives her over the brink.

This is when Sara’s real journey of finding herself begins. The fear, faith and courage she has to face opens her up to life’s mystery and the greatness that rests within. It’s a rocky emotional ride but it takes her, step by step, from despair to total and utter joy.

My Road to Me is an honest true story, where mystical events evolve as Sara gradually gains a deep understanding of her own self and inner beauty, until she finally finds her happiness.

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